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So we took the Christmas tree out of the attic and set it up to display our love for Jesus.

We’re cold.

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It’s cold in here. We’ve been trying to figure out ways to keep things warm in this house. We have the windows covered in plastic and we bought space heaters, but it still sucks. Any more ideas are appreciated. We have the thermostat set to 58 56 so we don’t get raped on the bill, […]

For those that don’t understand, here is a graph.

Dick Montana Trailer 2

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Are you all waiting for Dick Montana like I am? Just incase you haven’t heard of the epic story, here is trailer #2 for A Clip Full of Vengeance: The Life of Dick Montana.  Trailer #1. Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Its okay. We’re still alive, and we have more ketchup and hotdogs. I made some just now. Toasted to perfection. Tonight is a waste already, I can tell. Matt is asleep. Yeah. 9:20 p.m.. Asleep. Fuck. Yohman is in boardman trying to be cool. Seth is at home sucking tits. Come on over people, I’m […]


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You know, today, we did absolutely NOTHING. I slept all day. Tired and boring. FUCK!

But we have no insulation in the attic, the house is pretty damn big, the furnace is an old inefficient piece of shit, and we can’t use our fireplace yet. Next month should be alot less.

Twisted Metal

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Basically so far this weekend, we have played Twisted Metal 2 on the ol’ PS2.  Everything amazingly exciting.  Also, Nick swept the floor.  And Chelsea brought us hot chocolate mix!!!!!

So Nick and myself were in the attic cleaning for the recording studio when we decided that it was more efficient to smash the objects before we put them into bags. By the way, this house was Sam’s old house, so it’s basically all of her childhood memories destroyed with a baseball bat.  Enjoy.  Get the […]

Fuck our bathroom. The walls are bleeding. Every time we shower the ceiling drips death, so we cleaned it today. Angi brought us a giant bag of popcorn yesterday, so we sat around and ate it last night. We barely made a dent in the massive bag. Matt doesn’t know how to eat like a […]

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