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We fixed the washer.

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Yeah. We did. See? We also watched The Devils Rejects today. It was fun. Nothing beats raping and killing. Chelsea gave Matt a massage, and I think she sucked him off too. Yohman came over. He looked hot as usual with his plaid shirt. Fuck yah!

Sunday Sundaes!

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Ice Cream on Sunday! Sunday Sundaes!!!!!!!!!

Red Thunder and Ramen noodz don’t mix. We found this out. Ben ate some, it was fun. He liked it, we all held back vomiting. On the other hand, Red Thunder pancakes are amazing. Excite bike sucks. Erin Malone hates us all with a passion now. UGG moccasins suck my ass. I bought more Red […]

We’re all sitting around watching porn and sucking eachother off, except Angi, because she is weird and doesn’t like nekked people. Yohman made a single pancake in our new pot and it was delicious. Then we drank more Red Thunder and everyone was happy.


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Hello Aldi’s Marketing Dept. We love Red Thunder. If you are interested in sponsoring us by supplying us with Red Thunder, please contact us. As you can see, we have Red Thunder plastered all over this website, and hits we are getting are growing in number daily.

Wednesday is usually an epic day of the week.  I mean, it’s the middle of it all, and middle’s are usually epic.  Just look at George Clooney.  Well, today was not a let down.

FUCK YAH DOOODS! We’re taking down red thunder tonight like whoa! Me Yohman Matt and Bozick KNOW WHATS UP!

So I think that we are going to try and begin to build some shit with the massive amounts of Red Thunder cans we have. What should we build? We’re not quite sure yet, but here is Phase One of the process. Bathtub filled with soapy water. Give us some ideas!


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I have these really cozy pair of moccasins. They really make me feel like a homeowner. Nick’s pretty jealous of their pure fucking awesomeness.

Sunday night bitches!

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Monk is STILL playing World Cup 98. Jesus Fuck. White People, Black People. We didn’t leave the house for anything today. It was amazing. We also bought three more pizzas from Little Millies, and they were fucking amazing. Seth and people drew on our table last night. Seth’s farmer is fucking magical. Yesterday was a […]

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