We’re cold.

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It’s cold in here. We’ve been trying to figure out ways to keep things warm in this house. We have the windows covered in plastic and we bought space heaters, but it still sucks. Any more ideas are appreciated. We have the thermostat set to 58 56 so we don’t get raped on the bill, but its starting to get to us.



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  1. 1 monk

    idea number 1… clean the fireplace n start a fire

  2. 2 Jackie

    You’ll have those space heaters tomorrow… if i can find them!

  3. 3 Ryan

    I would suggest investing money in thicker clothing and blankets. If you dress very warmly, instead of wearing those t-shirts I always see you in, you’ll be a lot warmer. Also, thick clothing lasts for years, so what you buy now will be good for the next few winters.

    One last suggestion is to check how well the windows and doors are sealed in the house. If you can slip a piece of paper through a closed door or window and slide it out without tearing it, then you’re most definitely leaking heat. Sealing the windows with tape and plastic is a nice idea, but tape is not inherently air-proof unless you get some serious industrial stuff, and if you use that type of tape it’ll tear the paint off the walls when you finally remove it.

  4. 4 mandy

    Who is this ryan guy?? haha.

  5. 5 Carl Steamers

    Circle jerk in the fam room and proceed to seal up the windows with the goods.

  6. 6 Darrin

    All I got to say is “vent free gas fire logs” 99% of the heat goes into the house, not up the fucking chimney! I got mine for under $100 ! feel free to come over for a free demonstration…

  7. 7 Cory

    drink a shit load of red thunder and jam out in the attic till warm.!

  8. 8 aric

    fire-pit in center of family room.

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