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Basically, we have finished off the last of our food today.  Please, someone, buy us some hot dogs.  Here is an explanation of how little food we have. Oh, and Angi came over to blow Nick.  Read the rest to see how it went.


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Rambo IV Review

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Last night we went to see the new Rambo movie, written, starred, and directed by Sylvester Stallone.  Read our full review here.

The other day, Seth brought us over some more Playstation games and Mortal Kombat Trilogy for Nintendo64.  Basically, Mortal Kombat is bad ass, and Nick looks like a dick playing Time Crisis.

Rambo the Guinea Pig

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So this morning, Angi and I went and picked up a guinea pig.  Some lady on Craigslist was giving it away for free.  Nick is pissed because he thinks I’ll kill it.  I probably will.

Last night Aldous came over to finish up recording their new EP. Basically it was a vocal recording night, as we laid down tracks for Shane and Xtian. We also participated in a group chant for the record, so listen for us on their new stuff! Ha. Also, Angi got us a 9ft. tall movie […]

We moved some stuff around, got Seth’s drum set here, and sucked Seth. Oh Bobincock was here too. Two Bobincocks actually. Crazy. Oh, and we ate hot dogs and finished the Red Thunder table.

Yohman died.  Good riddance.

Well its 2008. You know what that means…. time to gape ass! For new years we had some people over, got naked, drank grape juice, and killed Yohman. It was crazy!

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