Rambo the Guinea Pig

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So this morning, Angi and I went and picked up a guinea pig.  Some lady on Craigslist was giving it away for free.  Nick is pissed because he thinks I’ll kill it.  I probably will.Rambo 3

Rambo the Guinea PigRambo 2Rambo/Mac Pro

Now here is another picture of Stallone just because he is that good.Stallone

And to finish it off, here is a picture of Nick to demonstrate how shitty he looks compared to Stallone.Nick is Cute



5 Responses to “Rambo the Guinea Pig”  

  1. 1 Seth

    i gave this update a rating of 1 because that pig thing should be a hedgehog.

  2. 2 Nick


  3. 3 Derek

    This guinea pig needs to go offroading with us.

  4. 4 Matt

    Oh, it will Derek. It will.

  5. 5 monk

    man come to my store and i can hook u up on shit!!

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