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So when I was pulling into the driveway, I noticed a grill sitting out at the curb.  What do I think to do?  Hit it.  Apparently it was being left out for some scrap people to take and it had a bunch of little metal things inside it.  Well, Nick made me clean up the […]

Winter Parking at 528

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Just thought this was cute.

Name finally got her ass over here and brought us some peanut butter cookies.  They were delicious.  We will live a few more days now.  Thank you.

So a few nights ago, Yohman, Gregg, Seth, Christian, and Chris came over.  Seth and Gregg had the honors of beating down Yohman.  Enjoy.

Exploring the Basement

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I decided to explore the dark scary room in the basement, and dragged Matt along too. We found many treasures.

We washed dishes!

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We washed some dishes for the first time in… 4 months? Well, we wash our dishes, but never with soap. This is the first time with soap. Oh, and Matt and I are coughing to death. We’re gonna die soon. Come say your goodbyes.

Sooo we got bored and made a desktop background for my laptop. Enjoy. Oh and we did some more stuff:

Bored, went around taking pics.

We Have Food!!

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Ok, so apparently Nick’s dad works at FritoLay and we got two boxes full of chips. Now we can survive another few days!

A man’s breakfast.

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 This is all you need to start your day off right. Oh, and Red Thunder.

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