Sooo we got bored and made a desktop background for my laptop. Enjoy.

nick wallpaper

Oh and we did some more stuff:

I bought some LED bulbs, and made my lamp blue.

blue led

And then I realized I had nowhere to put collection of girl’s underwear, so I made an underwear fan…

underwear fan

Oh, and happy fucking Valentine’s Day.

4 Responses to “Wallpaper, LED bulbs, and underwear fans”  

  1. 1 abigail

    sweet pics! sweet cam! oh wait… thats my camera

  2. 2 amy

    hey nicholas, thats my pink thong!

  3. 3 Kelsey

    I just have one question, “What girls actualy left there underwear?”

  4. 4 Nick

    Haha, well, a friend and I had a contest like 4 years back where we tried to collect the most girls underwear and put them on the rear view mirror of our cars. Now I have a ton of underwear. It’s good.

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