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Yesterday we celebrated the fact that Easter is over with a little party. There were bitches, breakdowns, kid rock songs, not-easter eggs, more bitches, some cocks, more breakdowns, a whole lotta mosh, and more bitches. Check it! Rock and roll!

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VW Bus

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Derek came over with a VW bus. Exactly.

So apparently parking in front of our house is a major felony that will cost you $10.  Here is proof. We also played some killer Dreamcast games.

Kid Rock Was Here!!!

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So our good friend Kid Rock was in town and he decided to drop by and perform for us a little bit.  Here is him performing his new hit single, Bawitaba! Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Krista came over

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 Krisa came over. We got naked. It was gooood.

Kitty Video!

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Guinea pig is gone. Fuck that thing. Now we have a cat. Check out all the pics!

George Foreman v2.0

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Nick stole his parents’ George Foreman.  Now we have a deluxe model.

I look bad ass with a Burger King crown.

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