So apparently parking in front of our house is a major felony that will cost you $10.  Here is proof.

Corey’s Ticket

We also played some killer Dreamcast games.

Corey With Ticket


9 Responses to “Corey Got a Ticket, and We Played Dreamcast”  

  1. 1 Derek

    I’m glad the Dreamcast is being used. Did you play Fur Fighters?

  2. 2 Adam

    Nick told me it’s cool to park in front of the house. LIES!

  3. 3 Matt

    It’s still cool to park there. If Corey was parked the normal way, it probably would have been fine. But he parked against traffic and more than a foot away from the curb. I’ve seen cops go by when we had like, 5 cars out there, and they didn’t say anything.

    And the ticket was only $10. So fucking park in the street!

  4. 4 Nick

    I would never lie to you Shades.

  5. 5 Corey

    That cop’s a liar I wasn’t 12 inches from the curb, but that against traffic thing he was dead on.

  6. 6 Adam

    Sometimes I doubt your faith, Nick.

  7. 7 Sam

    Dreamcast is fucking gay.

  8. 8 Nick

    Are you kidding me, Sam? You’re just jealous. We’ll play next time you’re here.

  9. 9 Derek

    Dreamcast = love.

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