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We Got the Ozark Trails

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We are on a mission to sail the Mississippi River, but as a first step, we’re taking on the Mahoning River.  Seth Basista, Pat DeVito, Steve Yohman, Nick, and myself are the men to do it.  Yesterday, we went to Walmart and bought a few Ozark Trail air mattresses for $10.  Yohman is going to […]

Recording Aldous again!

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Last Saturday we had the band Aldous in the studio again, bringing the mosh and laying down a couple new tracks! After about 12 hours we got all the drums and guitar tracks done. Oh and Christian poured cash onto Westhead. It was kinda like being in a rap video. Check out all the pics!

Yah we got a new cat. His name is Curtis and he is cute. Thats about all that is happening at 528. Oh and Seth sucks.

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