We Got the Ozark Trails

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We are on a mission to sail the Mississippi River, but as a first step, we’re taking on the Mahoning River.  Seth Basista, Pat DeVito, Steve Yohman, Nick, and myself are the men to do it.  Yesterday, we went to Walmart and bought a few Ozark Trail air mattresses for $10.  Yohman is going to buy some pussy raft thing that he’s going to die on.  I blew mine up with my mouth and almost passed out.  Now I’m coating it in duct tape so it can withstand the furious rapids that the Mahoning River is capable of dishing out.  Saturday it’s supposed to storm again, so that will be launching day for our adventure.

Ozark Trail Outdoor Equipment

Ozark Trail Outdoor Equipment

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  1. 1 Seth

    Shit!! Chris needs to be out rafting medic on the job!

  2. 2 Nick

    All I know is that Matt had to patch his raft. What a piece of shit!

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