So the gas guy turned off our gas. Apparently there were a bunch of gas leaks, so he had to turn it off until we got it fixed. Which meant we didn’t have hot water for two days. It sucked. Yeah. Then some other guy came and turned it back on today, and told us that our furnace is unsafe. Ha. Who knew that big holes in the side of the exhaust is a bad thing?

Oh and Jackie’s fuckin cats are here and I’m gonna kill them. Foreman style.

Oh and Andrea was here. We sucked.

4 Responses to “Our gas got turned off… but then back on. It sucked.”  

  1. 1 christopher

    makes me feel safe when i’m with you.

  2. 2 Nick

    You’re always safe in my arms, baby.

  3. 3 julia

    foreman grills: knock out the cat!

  4. 4 julia

    anytime, anytime.

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