Bring Us Toilet Paper!

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So this is the last bit of toilet paper we have.  We have yet to actually buy a roll of toilet paper since we moved in almost a year ago, so please, someone keep the effort going so we don’t have to start wiping our asses with the cat.



6 Responses to “Bring Us Toilet Paper!”  

  1. 1 jflath

    mmm. cat ass. is there any better use for a cat? maybe other than the catapault?

  2. 2 Kelsey

    good pic…good plea….but i’m not bringing you toilet paper

  3. 3 Angi

    I’m coming over just to piss and use that last piece.

  4. 4 kellianne

    you should start taking it from ysu bathrooms.. or other random places!

  5. 5 seth

    That toilet paper is on backwards.

  6. 6 Matt

    Maybe your head’s just on backwards.

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