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Come Buy My Ford!

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So I’m selling the Ford.  We’ve been through some good times.  Now come buy it.  Make me an offer!  Own a piece of history today! For more information, check it out on Craigslist!

Since our old furnace went kaput, we’ve just been freezing our asses off. Luckily today Lee came to the rescue and started installing a brand new furnace!  Maybe this year, we’ll be able to keep the heat on at 60°!

Bring Us Toilet Paper!

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So this is the last bit of toilet paper we have.  We have yet to actually buy a roll of toilet paper since we moved in almost a year ago, so please, someone keep the effort going so we don’t have to start wiping our asses with the cat.

Aaron brought us NOS!

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Aaron Vaccar offered me a deal the other day. If I fix his laptop, he will bring me like 30 cans of NOS energy drink. I fixed. He brought. And then we hung out like bro’s and talked about music with Corey. It was great.

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