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So, today was the end of the birthday weekend. It was pretty full of awesomeness. We worked for a little, and Lee bought me cake and ice cream. Then we all went to Craig Beach. It started getting real nasty: rain, wind, thunder, lighting. Awesome. We swam, played frisbee, then left, cause hicks and gangsters […]

Well, this is sort of a late post since it happened Saturday, but yeah.. once again; we rocked out. Swimming, hot tubbing, bonfire, and exploding stuff. We showed Randy’s new bike, Perry, some love. Ian Bretcko made an appearance, people got wet, my phone glitched a lot, and love was made.

Today has been wonderful so far. I woke up and headed over to the Yohman residence to find my bff. We then tracked down Chris and Lindsay and went to the Four Seasons flea market to find treasure. No treasure was found, but it was still a good time. Yohman and I then headed to […]

A metal party

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So last night we had a 528 metal party. As you would expect, many Creed and Bled songs were played. Gang vocals were sung, magic happened, and lives were changed. We explained the universe to Andrew as we laid on the trampoline and looked up at the stars. Pat took a sip of several month […]

Tonight was just fucking great. Everything about it. Tonight was warm and Randy had people over for swimming. Oddly, the sausages and tacos were almost equal… which is Mike’s way of saying some of our female friends actually showed up. Swimming happened, hot tubs happened, and we saw Jenn’s butt for a good ten seconds. […]

So, we went and got lunch again. Yeah, it was awesome. It was beautiful outside, and Nick parked the Explorer on a curb. If that isn’t rockstar parking, then I don’t know what is. Oh.. and I got to watch Kevin’s hair gracefully flow as the wind blew through it.


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Just heading to the mall for some food. We all wore flip flops and looked really gay. Then Mike and I looked at some girl’s butt and then realized that her mom was giving us the evil eye. Very comical. I think Kevin fell asleep on the way there, like usual.


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Today was a really good day. My mother, sister, and grandmother woke me up and took me to Salsitas. Then I picked up Jessica and went to the park, then swimming at Randall’s, then ate some Wedgewood pizza with everyone. Kevin was there. He looked really good.

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