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Sunday night was the last night of the festival. We walked around, and stayed out of jail again! Ten o’clock came around, so we wandered to the other side of Mahoning to get a decent spot to view the fireworks. There were about four small groups of friends that gathered around Nick’s explorer and formed one massive group of awesome. Nick isn’t the tallest of men, but thanks to Kevin, that wasn’t a major problem. Kevin, with one hand, threw Nick high into the air onto his bike rack next to a lovely lady named llama. Next we watched fireworks explode with colors so bright and vivid that none of us will ever forget! …Oh and Denny’s happened too, but you already knew that.

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    Nick turned this into something exciting and fun that I don’t want to be associated with. I don’t party or drink alcohol, nor do I support it. So this is being taken to a much better place in the universe where unicorns and shaved gerbils run free. And I will save my bandwidth for things that suck.
    tmdth..too much dookie…..

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