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Well, it was Tuesday and where else would we be but Odonold’s. What a night it was. As usual, I sang Johnny Cash. We had a first-time appearances from Lee Yi and Ben decided to join in on the fun as well! Nick was pretty close to getting some old chicks number, she was really […]

The bled

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Tonight we made a journey to Cleveland to see the bled, our favorite band of all time. The show started with a scene kid screaming words to shitty techno beats. It was awesome. The next band we watched was called Hemlock, and they were amazing. The singer had dreadlocks. Shadows fall style dreadlocks. Enough said. […]

3rd of July

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Well, a bunch of us from work decided to put in a fair amount of money toward fireworks this year. Simply, because we love explosions. On this beautiful day of July 3rd; Adam, Matt, Nayef, Lee and myself all went to Phantom Fireworks in Boardman. In a nutshell, we bought about $9000 worth of fireworks […]

2nd of July

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Last night was my parent’s annual 4th of July party. My parents usually go all out, so there were a massive amount of people, tons of food, fireworks, and a really shitty DJ. The DJ was so terrible that he didn’t even have any songs by Dio. The entire crew showed up and eat food […]

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