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Last night I attended a last minute American Spirit show at the Wonder Bar in girard. Fuck that place. During American Spirits amazing set the crazy owner lady came up to me and told me to turn the music down, as if I was in the band or holding an amp. When I told her […]

Long story short, Nayef conned us all into signing up for big brothers big sisters. Now Kevin and I own a kid. His name is J. He is cooler than Mike’s kid. We all played tee ball at the YMCA.

Kevin’s Birthday

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Last weekend was Kevin’s bday, so the LGAPG crew celebrated accordingly. Keeping with my style of laziness, here is my highlight list. Please, feel free to contribute: Kevin becoming bff with the Los Gallos sink Playing rocks paper scissors with Nayef  to see who cleans up Kevin’s puke. I lost. Mike’s heartwarming song dedications to […]

New years eve 2010

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New years 2010 was hosted at the Tharp House.

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