Kevin’s Birthday

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Last weekend was Kevin’s bday, so the LGAPG crew celebrated accordingly. Keeping with my style of laziness, here is my highlight list. Please, feel free to contribute:

  • Kevin becoming bff with the Los Gallos sink
  • Playing rocks paper scissors with Nayef  to see who cleans up Kevin’s puke. I lost.
  • Mike’s heartwarming song dedications to the cute couple
  • The dj’s special Mac Miller shout out to Kevin
  • Carrying Kevin through the snow to his apartment
  • Bobby Lupo workin his moves on young girls
  • 5am dashboard sing alongs at 528
  • Smulski getting laid
  • Bra inserts

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  1. 1 Mike

    I feel selfish voting “Mike’s heartwarming song dedications to the cute couple”. But it was just sooo good.

    As for runner’s up.
    2) Kevin becoming BFF with the sink
    3) Mac Miller shout out

    And I’m not sure if I can vote for this since I wasn’t there but:
    4) Smulski getting laid.

    All in all ladies and gents, awesome night.

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