Kelsey’s and fun

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Last night was filled with breakdowns, rock and roll, and tacos. It began at Nolan’s house, where I witnessed an American Spirit band practice. Although there were a lack of pig squeals, I still give them a thumbs up, mainly because Yohman looks damn good behind his bass guitar. Afterwards I joined the rest of the crew at a get together at Kelsey’s house. After a good amount of hangouts Randall and Anna and I decided it was taco time. We ventured to the bell and ordered hundreds of chicken soft tacos and then stopped at dennys for my second helping of Yohman. During this adventure Anna had to pee several times and then had an asthma attack from all the action. We arrived back at the home of Kelsey and waited for Anna to begin breathing again. I then received a text from an unknown sender that read “Wow you fucked up bro”. As to what the anonymous sender is referring to, I shall never know.

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