Hope’s bday weekend

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I’m just going to call this Hope’s bday weekend, but really I don’t think I even saw her on Friday when we went out. But whatever. Friday night we ran around. I don’t even remember who I was with actually. Pat was there. Randy had a Bled shirt on. Kevin showed up both nights this weekend! I believe we met up with Dustin and Upham at Giachettas where a mini rave was going on. The hot bartender at Draught House knew my name, then Randy added her on Facebook on my phone. That was smooth. We walked in “Privilege” for ten minutes then walked out. That was Friday.

Saturday was the real celebration. The whole crew met up at the Bobincock residence for hangouts and good times preparation. We then piled 9 deep in the explorer and made our way down to the Old Precinct to party hard. Kevin almost died on the way there because of his drunk driving chauffeur. Vanessa stole our hearts and then smashed them to pieces. Pat and I ran to the Draught House, chugged Red Bull at the convenience store, walked awkwardly through the grove, then ran back into Precinct before anyone missed us. Baby Dock was there and Pat and I were totally creeped out and feeling old. Then we all ate foods.

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