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Zombie weekend

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Last weekend. Nolan’s party, hangouts at randy’s and the ytown zombie crawl downtown. The video will suffice.

Hope’s bday weekend

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I’m just going to call this Hope’s bday weekend, but really I don’t think I even saw her on Friday when we went out. But whatever. Friday night we ran around. I don’t even remember who I was with actually. Pat was there. Randy had a Bled shirt on. Kevin showed up both nights this […]


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Lazy micro blog style. Saturday.. Giachettas was creepy. Rendezvoused with the Gabby crew. Bailed and went to Shotz for the eighth time this week for some reason. I was forced to dance. Llama and Amanda are bff now. Rappers at the Lemon Grove. Waffles at the house of waffles. Twilight Zone kinda night, ya know?

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