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Winterizing Again

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Winter is here again.  Last year we had the brilliant idea of covering all the windows in plastic.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that we did the same thing this year, except we just streamlined the process more.  We were done in like, 10 minutes, and it looks beautiful.

Halloween Serenade

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Mad props to Kelli Carney capturing the magical moment of me serenading some ladies at our Halloween bash.  I happened to be singing my favorite song, Hero by Enrique Iglesias. We are still going through our tons of photos, so another update will take place for everything else!

Come Buy My Ford!

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So I’m selling the Ford.  We’ve been through some good times.  Now come buy it.  Make me an offer!  Own a piece of history today! For more information, check it out on Craigslist!

Since our old furnace went kaput, we’ve just been freezing our asses off. Luckily today Lee came to the rescue and started installing a brand new furnace!  Maybe this year, we’ll be able to keep the heat on at 60°!

Bring Us Toilet Paper!

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So this is the last bit of toilet paper we have.  We have yet to actually buy a roll of toilet paper since we moved in almost a year ago, so please, someone keep the effort going so we don’t have to start wiping our asses with the cat.

Fucking Rain Already!

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Holy shit! I just want some fucking rain in my life! RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN! Fuck my life.

We Got the Ozark Trails

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We are on a mission to sail the Mississippi River, but as a first step, we’re taking on the Mahoning River.  Seth Basista, Pat DeVito, Steve Yohman, Nick, and myself are the men to do it.  Yesterday, we went to Walmart and bought a few Ozark Trail air mattresses for $10.  Yohman is going to […]

Pat DeVito and myself went up to the good ol’ Hobby Lobby today to purchase some Triassic creatures, well knows as triops.  I got two packages, and Pat got two packages.  We are going to be harvesting them, and eventually when they are matured, make them battle each other to the death.  I will be […]

Hazelwood Avenue at 3am

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Just incase you people were wondering what South Hazelwood Avenue looks like at 3am, here is a glimpse.

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