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Kelli has basically been running our kitchen. The other day she brought over a bunch of supplies and we made some pancakes and eggs. I made some eggs for Matt and he was very happy. We had some syrup left over from Matt’s trip to California, so we covered our delicious pancakes in syrup and […]

Dishes Again!

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Kelli came over and did our dishes again! They have been piling up since she did them a few months ago.  Now our kitchen is all clean! Then we ate spaghetti o’s. Productive day, I guess.

First Bonfire of the Year

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Yesterday was a real nice day.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the Tracker was muddy.  We decided to get some people over and light some shit on fire.

Partay at the 528!

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Andrew Monk, Seth, Gregg, and Seth’s cousin came over last night.  We basically partied it up like men.

So today is meant for celebration. I mean, Memorial Day! Come on now. (pictures coming soon)

Pulling stumps!

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If you’ve ever been to 528, you’ve seen the ugly stumps in the front of the house. Well we are finally getting new bushes, so the stumps had to come out! After some chopping and alot of pulling by the Tracker, they came out. And then everyone cheered.

THE UPDATE! Lots of pics!

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I know, we haven’t updated in forever. But we’re back. We had a party a week or two ago. I don’t remember, but heres the pics. It’s nice out too! 528 is in bloom. Heres some pics of that too. Oh, and Matt and I both bought Ford’s. I bought an Explorer and Matt bought […]

Seth, Pat, and I loaded up the Tracker with our mini bikes and headed off on an adventure. When we returned, we jumped on the trampoline for a bit. Pat then got on the roof and jumped off. I missed the actual shot of him in the air, and he wouldn’t do it again. Oh […]


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Today may be the best day of my life.  One word:  trampoline.  Angi and I jumped for a while.  It was good.

As a result of the tragic event involving Name moving to Cleveland, she left behind a token of appreciation.  Her awesome lamp.  It’s multicolored and full of love.

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