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Name Brought Us Cookies!

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Name finally got her ass over here and brought us some peanut butter cookies.  They were delicious.  We will live a few more days now.  Thank you.


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Basically, we have finished off the last of our food today.  Please, someone, buy us some hot dogs.  Here is an explanation of how little food we have. Oh, and Angi came over to blow Nick.  Read the rest to see how it went.

Well its 2008. You know what that means…. time to gape ass! For new years we had some people over, got naked, drank grape juice, and killed Yohman. It was crazy!


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In the past few days we have just been sitting on the couches with our electric blankets, enjoying life! Yohman fell asleep on the couch. Tits came for a visit. Chelsey bought me new pajama pants!

We’re all sitting around watching porn and sucking eachother off, except Angi, because she is weird and doesn’t like nekked people. Yohman made a single pancake in our new pot and it was delicious. Then we drank more Red Thunder and everyone was happy.

Wednesday is usually an epic day of the week.  I mean, it’s the middle of it all, and middle’s are usually epic.  Just look at George Clooney.  Well, today was not a let down.

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