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Recording Aldous again!

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Last Saturday we had the band Aldous in the studio again, bringing the mosh and laying down a couple new tracks! After about 12 hours we got all the drums and guitar tracks done. Oh and Christian poured cash onto Westhead. It was kinda like being in a rap video. Check out all the pics!

Yesterday was a real nice day.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the Tracker was muddy.  We decided to get some people over and light some shit on fire.

I know, we haven’t updated in forever. But we’re back. We had a party a week or two ago. I don’t remember, but heres the pics. It’s nice out too! 528 is in bloom. Heres some pics of that too. Oh, and Matt and I both bought Ford’s. I bought an Explorer and Matt bought […]

Yesterday we celebrated the fact that Easter is over with a little party. There were bitches, breakdowns, kid rock songs, not-easter eggs, more bitches, some cocks, more breakdowns, a whole lotta mosh, and more bitches. Check it! Rock and roll!

Kid Rock Was Here!!!

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So our good friend Kid Rock was in town and he decided to drop by and perform for us a little bit.  Here is him performing his new hit single, Bawitaba! Get the Flash Player to see this content.

So a few nights ago, Yohman, Gregg, Seth, Christian, and Chris came over.  Seth and Gregg had the honors of beating down Yohman.  Enjoy.

Seth basically spent the entire night playing Mortal Kombat.  He finally beat the damn game.


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Last night Aldous came over to finish up recording their new EP. Basically it was a vocal recording night, as we laid down tracks for Shane and Xtian. We also participated in a group chant for the record, so listen for us on their new stuff! Ha. Also, Angi got us a 9ft. tall movie […]

Yohman died.  Good riddance.

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