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So we have this new tradition on Thursdays where we go to a bunch of random, empty bars and places for a few minutes each. We go in, walk around for a little bit and laugh, then walk out and go to the next one. Then we go to a strip club and finally we end the night laughing at people at Shotz. It’s a pretty successful formula for entertainment. Last night was a special thursday though because we were also accompanied by Michael Helmick, Haley, and Kels.

Ok so Lemon Grove was charging. Fuck that. Draught House was dead. Success. Precinct was closed. Upie was dead. Totally awesome. Some guy got beat up and kicked out of Club 76. Even more awesome. Shotz was sad and hilarious. Then breakfast at Denny’s was delicious.

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Labor day 2011

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Labor Day weekend 2011! Hi. Its been a while. We decided to celebrate labor day with Pittsburgh, 528 parties, and some rock and roll. Friday we hit the mean streets of the ‘burgh with the crew. Randy was in heaven all night. We started at some german place that made Randall smile, then went to a few bars, and finally ended at a strip club called Erotica in the hood where Randy yelled things at strippers. Then we ran away. We also had TWO 528 parties, one of which Mike attended. There was a one minute strobe light dance party in the attic. HeyHarm graced us with her presence. Kelsey slept the entire time. Pat brought McDonalds and Colt 45 to the second 528 hangout. Labor day success.

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Friday with Nolan

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Nolan and I had a bro night. Firsttt we went to the Grove and ate a muffin. Then we went to Cedars and watched a band. Thenn we went to 528 and we played breakdowns together. Finallllly we went to Dustins party. Together. Then Dustin did the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. The end!

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Mikes bday

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Yesterday was Mike’s bday. Odonald’s sucked. So we Sheetz’d it at Sheetz.

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Shotz and Ryans

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I’d like to start this off by saying I saw Sarah Markulin for the second time in like a month. I haven’t seen this girl in years. So this weekend wins. On friday we went to Shotz…
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Friday at Dustins

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This conversation between Randall and Pat explains friday night at Dustins. There’s nothing more to say.

Random night at Randalls

Florida night two

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Tonight we partied hard. Adam, kevin, and amanda finally got here, so the entire crew was present. Kelsey met and sucked some people from a couple houses down, so we brought the party to them and then brought them to the party.
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We’re in Florida for spring break. Last night we went to the local piggly wiggly and loaded up on groceries for the week.

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Cookie break

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Tonya brought us cookies. We took a 5 minute break and consumed them. Mmmmm

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