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San francisco

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I’m home and i’m alive somehow. After two snowstorms, a cancelled flight, half the group missing another flight, and high wind landings I have arrived back to 528. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Camping at the Pitt airport
  • JHut
  • Hot SHIFT girl
  • Domo
  • The guy from Tingo Family
  • wearing Kevin’s hat
  • the last plane home basically falling apart
  • guy next to Josh throwing up

What am I missing?!

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At the airport

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We’re at the airport. First we had a flight, then it got cancelled, then we got a new flight. Now everyone is asleep. I need to stay awake so I can sleep on the plane and not have a nervous breakdown.

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Fuck the police, bro

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Friday was another party at Kelsey’s. This time around the police paid us a visit. A smart young man sitting next to me decided to verbally express his distaste in this specific part of the executive branch of government. Then we all got parking tickets.

Jenns Valentines Day party

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We went to Jenn’s house in Kent for her Valentines Day party. Mike was annoying. I’m tired.

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Kelsey’s and fun

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Last night was filled with breakdowns, rock and roll, and tacos. It began at Nolan’s house, where I witnessed an American Spirit band practice. Although there were a lack of pig squeals, I still give them a thumbs up, mainly because Yohman looks damn good behind his bass guitar. Afterwards I joined the rest of the crew at a get together at Kelsey’s house. After a good amount of hangouts Randall and Anna and I decided it was taco time. We ventured to the bell and ordered hundreds of chicken soft tacos and then stopped at dennys for my second helping of Yohman. During this adventure Anna had to pee several times and then had an asthma attack from all the action. We arrived back at the home of Kelsey and waited for Anna to begin breathing again. I then received a text from an unknown sender that read “Wow you fucked up bro”. As to what the anonymous sender is referring to, I shall never know.

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American Spirit night two

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Saturday night was the American Spirit and Aranea house show. Things got a little crazy because the bands played in the living room, which was barely big enough for the band and all the gear. American Spirit once again put on an amazing show, full of gnar and shredding. Afterwards, Yohman got a single leg shaved and was 50% more aerodynamic. Spenser Nori was there. A girl tried to kill Spenser and instead hit Yohman in the face. A+ solid night.

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American spirit night one

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Last night I attended a last minute American Spirit show at the Wonder Bar in girard. Fuck that place. During American Spirits amazing set the crazy owner lady came up to me and told me to turn the music down, as if I was in the band or holding an amp. When I told her I didn’t work for her and I wasn’t in the band, she called me an asshole. Then I laughed at her. It was a good night.

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Kevin and I adopted a kid

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Long story short, Nayef conned us all into signing up for big brothers big sisters. Now Kevin and I own a kid. His name is J. He is cooler than Mike’s kid. We all played tee ball at the YMCA.

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Kevin’s Birthday

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Last weekend was Kevin’s bday, so the LGAPG crew celebrated accordingly. Keeping with my style of laziness, here is my highlight list. Please, feel free to contribute:

  • Kevin becoming bff with the Los Gallos sink
  • Playing rocks paper scissors with Nayef ┬áto see who cleans up Kevin’s puke. I lost.
  • Mike’s heartwarming song dedications to the cute couple
  • The dj’s special Mac Miller shout out to Kevin
  • Carrying Kevin through the snow to his apartment
  • Bobby Lupo workin his moves on young girls
  • 5am dashboard sing alongs at 528
  • Smulski getting laid
  • Bra inserts

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New years eve 2010

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New years 2010 was hosted at the Tharp House.

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