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Andrew Monk finally decided to come back into the real world, and visit 528.  We cooked some burgers on the George Foreman, and played with the cat. Watch the video of the cat playing with a laser pointer!!!!!!  

Seth, Pat, and I loaded up the Tracker with our mini bikes and headed off on an adventure. When we returned, we jumped on the trampoline for a bit. Pat then got on the roof and jumped off. I missed the actual shot of him in the air, and he wouldn’t do it again. Oh […]

Update on stuff

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We haven’t updated in a while. Uhm. Our neighbor gave us a new chair. The cat is still alive. We hung a baby from the porch ceiling. Our fridge is basically empty. Oh, and Animality is the best band in the world!


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Today may be the best day of my life.  One word:  trampoline.  Angi and I jumped for a while.  It was good.

I just thought I’d share our epic tower of pizza boxes we have built up over the past few months. 43!

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