Andrew Monk finally decided to come back into the real world, and visit 528.  We cooked some burgers on the George Foreman, and played with the cat.
Watch the video of the cat playing with a laser pointer!!!!!!


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8 Responses to “Andrew Monk, Burgers, and a Cat”  

  1. 1 Angi

    Kitty looks epic in the first picture

  2. 2 Name

    Thes pics make me want to vomit…except Cat. Cat is cute.

  3. 3 trever fucking powell

    epic battle between stalone!!!!! and kitten!!!!!

  4. 4 monk

    those burgers were the shit tho

  5. 5 El Guapo Magnifico

    That cat will soon learn how to use the laser pointer, and then you’ll all be sorry!

  6. 6 Matt

    Oh shit, Lazer Catz!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7 Nick

    We’re dead.

  8. 8 Rob

    Andrew seems to be missing an “S” in his awesome logo polo shirt. Or is that how PetSmart rolls in the 330?

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