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presidential debate!

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So I get to make posts here now. I sucked Nick’s dick really good for this exclusive access. 528 is going to have an outsider’s perspective.


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Holy fucking christ. The cats got fleas. And it was no big deal until they started attacking us today. So I went and got this spray and covered the cats and the whole house with it. Jackie and I moved everything. Cleaned everything. Matt is a goddamn slob, as you know. Fuck. I found pizza […]

So the gas guy turned off our gas. Apparently there were a bunch of gas leaks, so he had to turn it off until we got it fixed. Which meant we didn’t have hot water for two days. It sucked. Yeah. Then some other guy came and turned it back on today, and told us […]

Ok, it’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry. I know all of you have been saddened by the lack of updates. But here’s whats going on: First off, Matt left. He is basically gay and couldn’t handle the responsibility of being an internet celebrity, so he went to California to do “business”. Whatever that […]

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