Ok, it’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry. I know all of you have been saddened by the lack of updates. But here’s whats going on:

First off, Matt left. He is basically gay and couldn’t handle the responsibility of being an internet celebrity, so he went to California to do “business”. Whatever that means. He shall be returning in a month or two with tales of foreign lands and hopefully tons of presents for me. Because he loves me. Bro love.

Since our last update Matt’s wish for rain came true. Matt, Seth, and I ventured into the waterways of Austintown, Ohio in search of rapids. Unfortunately the shitty raft I had stolen from Yohman couldn’t handle the rocks and ended up deflating about ten minutes into my journey. But Matt and Seth’s Ozark Trails triumphed over the terrain and took them on a journey they would never forget. And Matt really did lose his glasses, and then bitched about it for several days.

Oh and I bought a new car. A new Ford. And of course, in keeping with tradition, Matt bought a new car also. A $700 $800 Cavalier in which he drove to California in. Yes. Drove to California. In his $700 $800 Cavalier. Yeah.

And last but not least, my Grandfather generously gave me his spare mini fridge. It’s badass.

And the site isn’t working. Damn image thumbnails are broken. Just look at the gallery. Fuck.

15 Responses to “Matt Left, Mini Fridge, Cars, Bitches”  

  1. 1 Emily

    PS. head down mahoning a little less than a mile and I’m sure someone would love to hook you up with a set of 22” chromies for that whip.

  2. 2 Nick

    Whip. hahaha

  3. 3 aric

    how the hell does the mini fridge use twice the energey??? and how did you even go about figureing that out? oh… and its about time, updates are swell.

  4. 4 Nick

    The big fridge says it takes 51 kilowatthours a month. The little one listed the voltage and amps, then you calculate it from there. It ended up drawing like 110 watts, then running all day was like 100something kilowatthours in a month. Or something. It made sense when i did it. Haha.

  5. 5 Emily

    Geez smarty pants.. why don’t you go to school or something 😀

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