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At eight o’clock Saturday night I received a text message that would change my life forever. My phone vibrated in a nonchalant manner as if this text message was like any other unimportant text. The cruel irony is that I didn’t even feel my phone vibrate. The most important news of my life remained unread […]

Supernats 2010

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Tonight was Supernats! Mike, Adam, Llama and I met up with Randy, Anne, and Alex down in Salem to make fun of all the shitty cars. It was just as I expected. It was about 10% nice cars and 90% rice and hillbilly trucks. We wandered around and laughed at all of the ugly cars […]

Las Películas

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When Toy Story came out in November of 1995 it was magical. I was 7 years old back then and that movie kicked some serious ass. I used to day dream about how good it would be if toys could really talk. Well, I’m 21 now and Pixar is still pumping out movies that I […]


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Last night was a little insane. I’m not sure why exactly, but it seemed like everyone was a little crazier than usual. The night started with Sam’s graduation party. Shes a big girl now, so we ate foods and hung out at the Saxon Club. Afterwards Randall had a party planned at his house. There […]


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Sunday night was the last night of the festival. We walked around, and stayed out of jail again! Ten o’clock came around, so we wandered to the other side of Mahoning to get a decent spot to view the fireworks. There were about four small groups of friends that gathered around Nick’s explorer and formed […]


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Last night we went to the IHM festival. We’re getting way too old for this, so we got some food and left before we ended up in jail. Snoop Dogg was playing at the wedge, so we ventured to the wedgewood parking lot in hopes of seeing a riot of some sort. Sadly the riot […]

Movie night

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So we had a movie night last night. We decided to go to wal mart and pick up an assortment of snacks to enjoy while watching the movie. We also found out that little caesars closes at 9 on weekdays, which blows. We watched Shutter Island, cuddled with eachother, ate foods, and laughed at Kevin […]

an eventful saturday

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Yesterday was fairly eventful. First I was dragged to Golden Corral by Yohman and Chris for dinner. The crowd at the corral was extremely classy. I did not feel dirty or disgusted at all. I ate pizza and ribs and chinese food. It was amazing. I ended up with Amanda and we went to a […]

Yeah, so.. once again, we got a party going. With the slight chance of a storm, Randy was daring enough to have people over to swim. Surprisingly, the sausage/taco ratio was about equal, again! We played a game in the pool where you had to keep the ball away from the other team (guys vs. […]


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Oh no a tornado happened! It was crazy! We were all scared and making serious business faces as the world ended. Then it stopped and everything was fine.

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