Yeah, so.. once again, we got a party going. With the slight chance of a storm, Randy was daring enough to have people over to swim. Surprisingly, the sausage/taco ratio was about equal, again! We played a game in the pool where you had to keep the ball away from the other team (guys vs. girls).. it was pretty intense. Amanda’s belly button ring got ripped out. Later, Brittany Murphy got chip-chopped; as did Alex. We went hot tubbing, watched some basketball, then went to Denny’s. All-in-all, another solid night. Rock on, Summer 20-10!

2 Responses to “Do you want some Epic with that Party?”  

  1. 1 Adam

    Best part of the night was me beating Amanda’s ass in the pool.

  2. 2 Nick

    I think it was more like rape… She has a nice butt though, good thing you pulled it out hah

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