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Well, it was Tuesday and where else would we be but Odonold’s. What a night it was. As usual, I sang Johnny Cash. We had a first-time appearances from Lee Yi and Ben decided to join in on the fun as well! Nick was pretty close to getting some old chicks number, she was really […]

3rd of July

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Well, a bunch of us from work decided to put in a fair amount of money toward fireworks this year. Simply, because we love explosions. On this beautiful day of July 3rd; Adam, Matt, Nayef, Lee and myself all went to Phantom Fireworks in Boardman. In a nutshell, we bought about $9000 worth of fireworks […]

Yeah, so.. once again, we got a party going. With the slight chance of a storm, Randy was daring enough to have people over to swim. Surprisingly, the sausage/taco ratio was about equal, again! We played a game in the pool where you had to keep the ball away from the other team (guys vs. […]

So, today was the end of the birthday weekend. It was pretty full of awesomeness. We worked for a little, and Lee bought me cake and ice cream. Then we all went to Craig Beach. It started getting real nasty: rain, wind, thunder, lighting. Awesome. We swam, played frisbee, then left, cause hicks and gangsters […]

Well, this is sort of a late post since it happened Saturday, but yeah.. once again; we rocked out. Swimming, hot tubbing, bonfire, and exploding stuff. We showed Randy’s new bike, Perry, some love. Ian Bretcko made an appearance, people got wet, my phone glitched a lot, and love was made.

So, we went and got lunch again. Yeah, it was awesome. It was beautiful outside, and Nick parked the Explorer on a curb. If that isn’t rockstar parking, then I don’t know what is. Oh.. and I got to watch Kevin’s hair gracefully flow as the wind blew through it.

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