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Xmas eve 2010

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I did my usual christmas eve running around. Arics then moms then my aunts then moms again then Randys then moms. My father had a christmas beard. Kevin gave me christmas red bull. Adam gave me christmas reese’s cups. I love them. Happy Jesus day.

Xmas dinner party

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It’s been a while. Last weekend we had a Christmas dinner party at 528. Chelsea and Brittany decided to cook everyone a wonderful meal and dessert. Everybody was in attendance except Seth, because he sucks. The evening was filled with good friends, good food, and jesus. And magic. I got to use my dining room […]

Halloweekend 2010

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This may have been the best halloween weekend ever. Friday night I attended Amy’s halloween party in Kent. Kent always seems to deliver, and like the previous two years, it was a great time being around the canfield crew again. And Craig was in a diaper. And it was 30 degrees out. Saturday Randall hosted […]

Today we had a labor day and secret life GRAND FINAL season finale cookout. Our generous friend Randall Tharp hosted the event at the Tharp House. An assortment of delicious items were prepared and consumed. Adam brought his world famous salsa, mike grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers, and there were cupcakes and brownies […]

The bled

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Tonight we made a journey to Cleveland to see the bled, our favorite band of all time. The show started with a scene kid screaming words to shitty techno beats. It was awesome. The next band we watched was called Hemlock, and they were amazing. The singer had dreadlocks. Shadows fall style dreadlocks. Enough said. […]

2nd of July

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Last night was my parent’s annual 4th of July party. My parents usually go all out, so there were a massive amount of people, tons of food, fireworks, and a really shitty DJ. The DJ was so terrible that he didn’t even have any songs by Dio. The entire crew showed up and eat food […]

At eight o’clock Saturday night I received a text message that would change my life forever. My phone vibrated in a nonchalant manner as if this text message was like any other unimportant text. The cruel irony is that I didn’t even feel my phone vibrate. The most important news of my life remained unread […]

Supernats 2010

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Tonight was Supernats! Mike, Adam, Llama and I met up with Randy, Anne, and Alex down in Salem to make fun of all the shitty cars. It was just as I expected. It was about 10% nice cars and 90% rice and hillbilly trucks. We wandered around and laughed at all of the ugly cars […]


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Last night was a little insane. I’m not sure why exactly, but it seemed like everyone was a little crazier than usual. The night started with Sam’s graduation party. Shes a big girl now, so we ate foods and hung out at the Saxon Club. Afterwards Randall had a party planned at his house. There […]


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Last night we went to the IHM festival. We’re getting way too old for this, so we got some food and left before we ended up in jail. Snoop Dogg was playing at the wedge, so we ventured to the wedgewood parking lot in hopes of seeing a riot of some sort. Sadly the riot […]

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