Xmas dinner party

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It’s been a while. Last weekend we had a Christmas dinner party at 528. Chelsea and Brittany decided to cook everyone a wonderful meal and dessert. Everybody was in attendance except Seth, because he sucks. The evening was filled with good friends, good food, and jesus. And magic. I got to use my dining room as an actual dining room for the first time ever, which was nice and weird at the same time. Oh, and Pat forgot his benchmark.

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  1. 1 monk

    a few things… why did i not know about this? why does pat look so damn good?? wheres the gretsch??? and i love the endingg…

  2. 2 Nick

    You were invited via facebook!

  3. 3 monk

    i rememebr now….. dang… you still didnt answer my other ?s

  4. 4 Nick

    Hah, well, Pat always looks this good, and the Gretsch was in pieces for the night so I could make room for tables hah

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