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  Halloween is a special time of year at 528 Hazelwood, as it marks the anniversary of when Matt and I moved in to this magical place. This Halloween marked 6 years of 528. We’ve grown up, moved on, and gotten busier, but some things will never change. Like our first  and second Halloweens, I […]

xmas dinner party 2011

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Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! So last week or something we had the second annual xmas dinner party. I’m sure all of you 528ers remember last year’s christmas party. This year was a little less dinner and a little more party though. We got fancy this year and ordered a ton of Antone’s catering for the […]

Well, it was Tuesday and where else would we be but Odonold’s. What a night it was. As usual, I sang Johnny Cash. We had a first-time appearances from Lee Yi and Ben decided to join in on the fun as well! Nick was pretty close to getting some old chicks number, she was really […]

Well, this is sort of a late post since it happened Saturday, but yeah.. once again; we rocked out. Swimming, hot tubbing, bonfire, and exploding stuff. We showed Randy’s new bike, Perry, some love. Ian Bretcko made an appearance, people got wet, my phone glitched a lot, and love was made.


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Just heading to the mall for some food. We all wore flip flops and looked really gay. Then Mike and I looked at some girl’s butt and then realized that her mom was giving us the evil eye. Very comical. I think Kevin fell asleep on the way there, like usual.

Dance party

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Yohman had a dance party, and some dancing happened. Then some girl put her nip on my nip. Then she put it on pat’s nip. Then she put her butt on my butt. Then Westhead passed out. Then we all ate some Wendys. Overall i’d give the night a 9.5/10, because there was no nip […]

friday night (photos!)

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So Friday night was fairly eventful, but I only really took pics at Yohman’s house. PBR was involved. A bunch of us went to see The Sewing Machine war. Then I ended up at Chris and Derek’s house and watched Chris get trashed for the first time in his life. Love it.

Super bowl!

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So Adam had a super bowl party, and we put stuff on our nipples and ate chips.

So yesterday was my birthday. And we had a party last night. I’m not sure if those events had anything to do with each other. But people came, and fun and excitement happened. Bled songs were played, gang vocals were sung, and mike sang falsetto on rock band. Seth got PBR spilled all over him, […]

I know what you’re thinking: “It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and you have a tree up?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Well, FUCK YOU! It’s never too soon to start spreading Christmas fucking cheer! Do you think Jesus waits to celebrate his birthday? FUCK NO! He probably talks about it months in advance! Like those people that […]

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