I know what you’re thinking: “It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and you have a tree up?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Well, FUCK YOU! It’s never too soon to start spreading Christmas fucking cheer! Do you think Jesus waits to celebrate his birthday? FUCK NO! He probably talks about it months in advance! Like those people that say “Its 6 months until my birthday!”. Yah, Jesus does that! So why not put up the fucking tree?! Fuck.

But yah. So we put the tree up. It wasn’t as easy as last year , because this time we had to untangle all the lights. And we also didn’t have as many working lights. I guess some of the strands broke. But, it’s up. And beautiful.

7 Responses to “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree”  

  1. 1 abby

    nick i want to give you taco flavored kisses.

  2. 2 Andrea

    It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and you have a tree up?!?!? WHAT THE EFF?!?!

  3. 3 Matt

    ‘Tis the season.

  4. 4 Nick


  5. 5 Katie

    my tree is so much more hardcore

  6. 6 chris

    nice sweater nick…

  7. 7 Nick

    I love that shirt. It’s not really a sweater though.

    And Katie, no effin way.

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