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So today is meant for celebration. I mean, Memorial Day! Come on now. (pictures coming soon)

Yesterday we celebrated the fact that Easter is over with a little party. There were bitches, breakdowns, kid rock songs, not-easter eggs, more bitches, some cocks, more breakdowns, a whole lotta mosh, and more bitches. Check it! Rock and roll!

Sooo we got bored and made a desktop background for my laptop. Enjoy. Oh and we did some more stuff:

Well its 2008. You know what that means…. time to gape ass! For new years we had some people over, got naked, drank grape juice, and killed Yohman. It was crazy!


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In the past few days we have just been sitting on the couches with our electric blankets, enjoying life! Yohman fell asleep on the couch. Tits came for a visit. Chelsey bought me new pajama pants!

Christmas Summary

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For the holidays, we have been a bit busy being merry and joyous and loving, so here is a little recap on what has been going down at the 528.

Guitar hero and cocks!

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We got guitar hero and we played it. And its winter and winter sucks. Seth is gay.

Our vagina room is extremely cozy now that we put lights on the tree! Notice the woodland creatures that live next to the warmth of the tree. Jesus would be proud.

More recording

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The doods from Aldous came back to finish the guitar work for their new EP. Christian did a metal stance. Thats about it.

Tonight we were feeling colder than usual, so I built a nice warm fire for us to sit around and sing songs.

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