Christmas Summary

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For the holidays, we have been a bit busy being merry and joyous and loving, so here is a little recap on what has been going down at the 528.

George Foreman Grill

We got ourselves a George Foreman grill. Now we need to pick up some hamburgers and some hoagies and have a feast for gods.

Nick playing Tekken


Nick spent hours upon hours playing Tekken, and because he is a badass, beat the game on Ultra-hard.

Red Thunder Can Table

The Red Thunder can table is approaching completion.


Boohbah dances for the children.

80 Beef Franks

We got a pack of 80 beef franks…

Matt’s Electric Blanket

…and electric blankets.

Basically, we are men. What did you get/do for Christmas?

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  1. 1 Aric

    Hey bitch! what about the lock cutters? that the manliest thing anyone could get for christmas… the EE sign… is soon to be saved.

  2. 2 Matt

    Whoa.. wait.. Nick got lock cutters?!? I want lock cutters!

  3. 3 Seth

    lock cutters!

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