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Yeah we’re still alive kinda.  Tonight we decided to clean out the kitchen. Basically all the food was expired. So we threw a ton out and unplugged the fridge because it was basically empty. Then we took the door off Matt’s closet. And made some Red Thunder artwork. Oh. And we got a cat. Named […]

A man’s breakfast.

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 This is all you need to start your day off right. Oh, and Red Thunder.


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Basically, we have finished off the last of our food today.  Please, someone, buy us some hot dogs.  Here is an explanation of how little food we have. Oh, and Angi came over to blow Nick.  Read the rest to see how it went.

The other day, Seth brought us over some more Playstation games and Mortal Kombat Trilogy for Nintendo64.  Basically, Mortal Kombat is bad ass, and Nick looks like a dick playing Time Crisis.

We moved some stuff around, got Seth’s drum set here, and sucked Seth. Oh Bobincock was here too. Two Bobincocks actually. Crazy. Oh, and we ate hot dogs and finished the Red Thunder table.

Christmas Summary

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For the holidays, we have been a bit busy being merry and joyous and loving, so here is a little recap on what has been going down at the 528.

Fuck our bathroom. The walls are bleeding. Every time we shower the ceiling drips death, so we cleaned it today. Angi brought us a giant bag of popcorn yesterday, so we sat around and ate it last night. We barely made a dent in the massive bag. Matt doesn’t know how to eat like a […]

Red Thunder and Ramen noodz don’t mix. We found this out. Ben ate some, it was fun. He liked it, we all held back vomiting. On the other hand, Red Thunder pancakes are amazing. Excite bike sucks. Erin Malone hates us all with a passion now. UGG moccasins suck my ass. I bought more Red […]


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Hello Aldi’s Marketing Dept. We love Red Thunder. If you are interested in sponsoring us by supplying us with Red Thunder, please contact us. As you can see, we have Red Thunder plastered all over this website, and hits we are getting are growing in number daily.

Wednesday is usually an epic day of the week.  I mean, it’s the middle of it all, and middle’s are usually epic.  Just look at George Clooney.  Well, today was not a let down.

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