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So yesterday was my birthday. And we had a party last night. I’m not sure if those events had anything to do with each other. But people came, and fun and excitement happened. Bled songs were played, gang vocals were sung, and mike sang falsetto on rock band. Seth got PBR spilled all over him, […]

As an early Christmas present, and out of a need for our boredom, I went ahead and bought Rock Band 2 for the Wii. Yohman sings like a champ, and Nick and Pat spent a good few hours trying to beat Down with the Sickness on Expert, but they got it.

Yesterday we celebrated the fact that Easter is over with a little party. There were bitches, breakdowns, kid rock songs, not-easter eggs, more bitches, some cocks, more breakdowns, a whole lotta mosh, and more bitches. Check it! Rock and roll!

So apparently parking in front of our house is a major felony that will cost you $10.  Here is proof. We also played some killer Dreamcast games.

As a result of the tragic event involving Name moving to Cleveland, she left behind a token of appreciation.  Her awesome lamp.  It’s multicolored and full of love.

Seth basically spent the entire night playing Mortal Kombat.  He finally beat the damn game.

The other day, Seth brought us over some more Playstation games and Mortal Kombat Trilogy for Nintendo64.  Basically, Mortal Kombat is bad ass, and Nick looks like a dick playing Time Crisis.

Christmas Summary

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For the holidays, we have been a bit busy being merry and joyous and loving, so here is a little recap on what has been going down at the 528.

Guitar hero and cocks!

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We got guitar hero and we played it. And its winter and winter sucks. Seth is gay.

Twisted Metal

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Basically so far this weekend, we have played Twisted Metal 2 on the ol’ PS2.  Everything amazingly exciting.  Also, Nick swept the floor.  And Chelsea brought us hot chocolate mix!!!!!

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