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2 Much Dookie 2 Handle

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So uhh…  I did a really good thing for the world.  2 Much Dookie 2 Handle is currently streaming online in its entirety. Why I didn’t do this 3 years ago?  I’m not sure.  But here it fucking is: 2 Much Dookie 2 Handle You’re welcome. The site right now looks really shitty, but I’ll […]

Winterizing Again

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Winter is here again.  Last year we had the brilliant idea of covering all the windows in plastic.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that we did the same thing this year, except we just streamlined the process more.  We were done in like, 10 minutes, and it looks beautiful.

Halloween Serenade

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Mad props to Kelli Carney capturing the magical moment of me serenading some ladies at our Halloween bash.  I happened to be singing my favorite song, Hero by Enrique Iglesias. We are still going through our tons of photos, so another update will take place for everything else!

Andrew Monk finally decided to come back into the real world, and visit 528.  We cooked some burgers on the George Foreman, and played with the cat. Watch the video of the cat playing with a laser pointer!!!!!!  

Kid Rock Was Here!!!

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So our good friend Kid Rock was in town and he decided to drop by and perform for us a little bit.  Here is him performing his new hit single, Bawitaba! Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Kitty Video!

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Yohman died.  Good riddance.

Dick Montana Trailer 2

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Are you all waiting for Dick Montana like I am? Just incase you haven’t heard of the epic story, here is trailer #2 for A Clip Full of Vengeance: The Life of Dick Montana.  Trailer #1. Get the Flash Player to see this content.

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