Thursdays and the GoGo

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Last night was the best Thursday we’ve had so far. We started our night at the usual thursday hotspot: The Lemon Grove. But last night was special, and for some reason there were actually people there. We made our way through a group of people to the heavy metal show inside. We were pleasantly surprised to see a Paramore style band with a girl singer rocking out.
We then stopped at the Lanai and got thoroughly creeped out by bros. A girl I knew from school was drunkenly making out with one of them. I didn’t say hi.
After refueling with Red Bull and Grandma’s cookies we started our journey to the GoGo as Sarah McCree laid down some smooth tracks on 101.9 FM. We arrived at the buffet amped up on energy drink and R&B, hearts ablaze at the thought of JFK, and with a thirst for Red Fuel. Our BFF Ray was there yelling at strippers, as he often does.
We sipped on Red Fuel as amateur night roared on around us. Strange men with fire in their eyes emptied their pockets toward insatiable desires as we stared in disbelief. Soon it was too much. Mike had already left, his stomach unable to handle the mixture of Red Fuel and guilt. So we retreated to the only place we knew to go… Shotz. We instantly made our way to the patio, sat down, and reflected on what we had just seen.
Soon a lone figure appeared before us. He stood draped in oversized clothing, taking in the energy of the night with each drag of his cigarette. And then it hit us, he was everything our Thursdays stood for. His desires for friendship and companionship mirrored our own, and soon we were empathetic, each and every one of us seeing ourselves in him. He vanished into the crowd soon after, an angel in the shadows, a legend in the night.

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