Saturday’s Brawl

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Ya know, Saturday started as a really relaxed night. Randall decided to invite everyone over for some hangouts, good times, and wholesome fun. Yohman came. My love Gabby showed up. It was nice. Everyone had some drinks, I downed some red bull, and games involving ping pong balls were played. For some reason everyone was feeling a bit tired and the night began to wind down early.
Then a friend of ours walked in with a bunch of people we didn’t recognize. Little did we know, these characters take beer pong VERY SERIOUSLY. So i’m all cuddled up watching this movie, when all of the sudden we hear what Dustin describes as ” a dog just fuckin around with a person.” Apparently losing a beer pong match means it’s time to take a swing at Pat as you’re leaving the party. So a big fight erupts, Pat breaks his hand on some people’s faces, big and little Randy both administer jujitsu moves, Kevin runs to protect his GTI, and Dustin tackles someone. It was an interesting night.

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