Pulling stumps!

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If you’ve ever been to 528, you’ve seen the ugly stumps in the front of the house. Well we are finally getting new bushes, so the stumps had to come out! After some chopping and alot of pulling by the Tracker, they came out. And then everyone cheered.

10 Responses to “Pulling stumps!”  

  1. 1 Matt

    Sometimes, the Tracker makes me proud to be alive.

  2. 2 Seth

    should have called the gravedigger to show you how that is done.

  3. 3 Jackie

    the tracker is a beast and nick looks like a man with that ax. haha

  4. 4 Nick

    Come over and hang seth. Check out these monitors, they are badass. And Jackie… I know. I know.

  5. 5 Gregg

    Nick you do look like a man with that ax, you should keep on in the back of the explorer at all times. What monitors did you buy?

  6. 6 Nick

    Alesis active monitors. They are badasssss

  7. 7 Emily

    Nick, you look wild with that ax. I might actually be scared of you now.

  8. 8 Nick

    BE afraid. Be very afraid.

  9. 9 Hamza

    Wasup people of youngstownnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  10. 10 Matt

    Fuck this shit. I’m done.

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