Hangin around.

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Seth and Gregg are over. They are sitting on my bed with laptops. I am sitting at my computer. Pat left because he sucks. End of story.

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  1. 1 Seth

    Totally sweet update!! I’m still on my laptop, so is gregg, and you are still on your computer! This is crazy!!

  2. 2 Matt


    I was sleeping!

  3. 3 Seth

    Pat left, what a fuck nut. Come on now, what the piss better did ha have to do. This calls for a beat down!

  4. 4 Gregg

    I say we force feed Pat salsitas till he bursts!!! and the best part about this picture is no one knows whats going on, on our screens. 🙂

  5. 5 Pat

    I will voluntarily eat salsitas until i burst…. Sorry guys i was gunna come back but then kelli called and wanted me to come over… so bring the beat down ha

  6. 6 Seth

    The beat down is gonna be brought, i’ll see you in the battle field, it’s gonna be a rodeo.

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