So we heard some loud noises and we thought we were going to die.  Then we went downstairs to see the basement full of smoke.  Our washer sucks.  Nick started stirring his clothes with a broom.  Job accomplished.  Bring us a new washer, please.


8 Responses to “Fucking Washer Broke Again”  

  1. 1 Nick

    Nick: 1, Washer: 0

  2. 2 aric

    who needs to wash clothes anyways…

  3. 3 Matt

    Aric, we ARE washing clothes still. Didn’t you see Nick with the broom? We’ve just stepped back a few hundred years.

  4. 4 angi

    What a manly job.

  5. 5 aric

    oh yes… nick does very well with a large wooden rod in his hands

  6. 6 Nick

    I’ve had lots of practice 😉

  7. 7 christopher

    go to star supply and buy a washboard

  8. 8 Nick

    We have everything we need… broom stick, big thing to put water and clothes in that spins at the end, beards. No need for a washboard.

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