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  Halloween is a special time of year at 528 Hazelwood, as it marks the anniversary of when Matt and I moved in to this magical place. This Halloween marked 6 years of 528. We’ve grown up, moved on, and gotten busier, but some things will never change. Like our first  and second Halloweens, I […]

xmas dinner party 2011

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Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! So last week or something we had the second annual xmas dinner party. I’m sure all of you 528ers remember last year’s christmas party. This year was a little less dinner and a little more party though. We got fancy this year and ordered a ton of Antone’s catering for the […]

3rd of July

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Well, a bunch of us from work decided to put in a fair amount of money toward fireworks this year. Simply, because we love explosions. On this beautiful day of July 3rd; Adam, Matt, Nayef, Lee and myself all went to Phantom Fireworks in Boardman. In a nutshell, we bought about $9000 worth of fireworks […]

As an early Christmas present, and out of a need for our boredom, I went ahead and bought Rock Band 2 for the Wii. Yohman sings like a champ, and Nick and Pat spent a good few hours trying to beat Down with the Sickness on Expert, but they got it.

Christmas is coming. Jesus told us to put up lights. So, being afraid of Jesus killing us, we put up those lights… and we put them up good. With duct tape. And love. And fear.

2 Much Dookie 2 Handle

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So uhh…  I did a really good thing for the world.  2 Much Dookie 2 Handle is currently streaming online in its entirety. Why I didn’t do this 3 years ago?  I’m not sure.  But here it fucking is: 2 Much Dookie 2 Handle You’re welcome. The site right now looks really shitty, but I’ll […]

A little late, I know, but we’ve been busy spreading the holiday cheer and admiring our Christmas tree.  So for Thanksgiving, did we eat a turkey?  Of course not.  We can’t cook.  We had a 4′ sub.

I know what you’re thinking: “It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and you have a tree up?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Well, FUCK YOU! It’s never too soon to start spreading Christmas fucking cheer! Do you think Jesus waits to celebrate his birthday? FUCK NO! He probably talks about it months in advance! Like those people that […]

Friday was Halloween, and our 1 year anniversary since we moved in! Wooooooo! Ok keep reading…

Halloween Serenade

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Mad props to Kelli Carney capturing the magical moment of me serenading some ladies at our Halloween bash.  I happened to be singing my favorite song, Hero by Enrique Iglesias. We are still going through our tons of photos, so another update will take place for everything else!

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